Herbs for Children

Overall, there isn’t a lot of research on how herbs or teas affect young children. Check with your pediatrician to get an OK for any teas/herbs you plan to give your child. Even those that are generally considered “safe” may interact with medications they are taking or conditions they may have. What you’ll want to remember is […]


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Herbal Tea as Healing Food

Perhaps you already know the difference between ‘true tea’ and tisanes, and that tisane just means ‘herbal tea’ or ‘herbal infusion.’ Did you know infusions or tisanes are one of  the best ways for your body to accept help. These natural herbs are very effective in boosting the immune system, increasing the body resistance to […]

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Wise Old Sage

Ever wonder where that saying came from? Many traditions have noted that sage has the ability to enhance one’s inner wisdom… and so the word “sage” is applied to a person who is wise. Sage is also associated with poultry especially dark meats to take the oiliness when roasting, so it became to known as […]

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Just the smell of Rosemary in the winter in my indoor plant area makes me feel more alert and uplifted. Did you know that Rosemary is an evergreen? That’s why it can stay alive in all seasons. You might love this fragrant herb as just a garnish or an Italian spice.  But did you also […]

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Lemon Basil-more basil to love

Who knew that there were so many basils with different flavors and uses? Lemon Basil has a distinct fragrance and flavor that brightens everything up with a little different history… The History of Lemon Basil Lemon Basil is highly cultivated throughout southern Asia and northeastern Africa, where it it believed to have originated. Basil was […]

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